BRONZE-Medal #18 at UCI Worlds

Monday, September 5, 2016 - 17:30

Kenny Belaey won the bronze medal this Saturday (September 3rd) in Val di Sole, Italy at the UCI Mountain bike Trials World championships.

After various side projects he successfully launched over the last months, he decided to come back to the competition.

This title is his 13th medal out of 15 elite championships and his 18th out of 20 participations if you also count the cadet and junior categories.

We heard that the preparation was not easy, as earlier this year he tore his labrum in his shoulder. Surgeon recommended surgery as the only solution, but with his fysio they decided to train the shoulder and actually it seems that it is stronger as before now. But it was a lot of work to get there in such short time.

To win this bronze medal he had to fight hard and attack every obstacle with 120% focus and determination. It was a good battle...

Next competition is the final of the UCI World Cup in Antwerp on September 25.

Kenny, congratulation for this title and good luck for the next one in the backyard of Sapim in Antwerp.

Sapim (finally) created a Facebook page to allow its partners to stay tuned with its latest news

Monday, May 23, 2016 - 16:15

Starting end of April, Sapim decided to launch a new Facebook page.  After having received multiple requests from customers and partners, it finally decided to enter in the age of the 21st Century and to use modern technology as well as communication tools.

Do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook and to “Like” our page.  Stay tuned, many news to come.





Sophia Foresta Wins 2015 USABMX Title in Tulsa Oklahoma

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 17:45

GT Bicycles' Sophia Foresta wins the USABMX National #1 Amateur Girls title, the most prestigious amateur title in BMX. She raced her GT Carbon Speed Series Pro to a dominant performance at the USABMX Grand Nationals in Tulsa Oklahoma where she went undefeated all weekend long in her division. The title is the culmination of a yearlong of racing national events with top finishes but had to win the final to take the overall title against 55 of the fastest females from around the world.

Also up for a title was Felicia Stancil, also a rider supported by Sapim. Felicia came into the Grand Nationals with a chance to win the Women's Pro title and would have to battle with the fastest ladies in the racing world. After some hard fought race Felicia would end up with 2nd overall for the 2015 season, her best overall result since she turned professional just two years ago. With a new season starting soon her focus will be on qualifying for the 2016 US Olympic team in June. 

Another great accomplishment for the GT team came from Dougie Butcher. The laid-back kid from Scottsdale Arizona put down one of the fastest laps of the weekend by taking the win in the 17-18 Expert class at the Race of Champions. The win gives Butcher the honor of running the red Race of Champions #1 plate for the next year which very few ever achieve.


Foresta, Felicia, and Dougie, congratulation to all three of you for your title.


Photo by: Jerry Landrum

Kenny Belaey 'Balance'

Monday, September 21, 2015 - 11:30

Trial bike world champion, and longtime partner of Sapim, rides a slackline over a 120m drop in the French Alps at an altitude of 2700m.

What is balance? For Belgian athlete and nine times nine-time world champion Kenny Belaey, it’s riding his trial bike over a 20m long slackline from one rock to another, over a 120m drop in La Plagne, France. A world premiere the man with 12 world medals prepared for more than a year, doing up to 80 attempts before he finally crossed.

“The moment my wheel touched the actual slackline for the very first time, the only thing I could think of, was: this is impossible,” admits Belaey, looking back at the stunt he performed on La Roche Fendue, a rock located in the ParadiSki resort that groups Peisey Vallandry, Les Arcs and La Plagne.

“Every second on that slackline was a nightmare. Every inch gives a different feeling because the slackline constantly moves, changing the surroundings and making my orientation points disappear.

“There were numerous factors which came into play: the wind affecting the position of the drone, the limited time window and change of light, fatigue, the thin air. I especially underestimated that last one: at an altitude of 2700m, the air is so thin, providing less oxygen and making every effort so much more exhausting than on ground level.

“Each time I fell, I had to climb up, get my gear right and push myself mentally for a next attempt. It is by far the most intense experience I ever went through. I cannot describe how proud I am to finally have succeeded”.

He says it was “the hardest challenge” he ever faced, yet the 32 year old won’t stop there. “I want to be the first person to ride a bike on the moon.,” he now claims.

This is a major achievement, Kenny, congratulation.

Watch the clip: HERE

Sapim just moved to a new location and announces the launch of the stiffest and lightest aero spoke ever.

Thursday, September 17, 2015 - 12:15

Wilrijk, Belgium, August 2015--- Sapim, the leading manufacturer of spokes and nipples has announced that he has just moved its headquarter to a new location.

Located in the same neighborhood as the old facility, the new building covers an area of more than 6.000 m².  This is an increase of 40%.  This move will help Sapim improve the process flow of the production of its spokes and nipples especially on the warehouse and the loading areas and improve, as a consequence, the service provided to its customers.  The workers of Sapim will also benefit greatly from this move because of the improved comfort due to the use of the latest technologies in terms of insulation and lighting.  The new headquarter of Sapim will also host a fitness center for the use of its workers and associates.

Sapim has also launched a new and unique spoke that combines both lightweight and stiffness.  The new carbon spoke developed by Sapim is 25% lighter than the lightest steel spoke.  Targeting professional road racers, the spoke provides nearly no elasticity which brings an incredibly rigidness in the wheel.  Thanks to the laminated steel inlay, the CX Carbon can be combined with standard nipples and rims.  However the special head form requires a specific hub flange design.  The maximal load strength of the spoke is 2500 N.

Finally, Sapim is proud to announce the launch of a new Spoke Calculator App that is already available on Android operating system and soon on the Apple iOS.  Praised by many wheel builders and available in more than 12 languages, customers and partners of Sapim can already benefit from the famous spoke calculator application that has been available on its website for a long time (  However, over the last months Sapim received many requests to have the same application available on smart phones and tablets via an App. Intuitive and easy to use; the new Spoke App gives the required length of spokes based on very easy and simple information.  This new App will give the opportunity to anyone to compute the spoke lengths in any location and in any circumstances.


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